Filming since 2018. Everglade Pictures knows no limit, pushing itself to the highest level of filming in the sky from an airplane to diving into the depth of the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea. Flexing its skill with Drone Flights when filming cars, boats, etc and other complex maneuvers by delivering outstanding contents.

Jean-Pierre Van der Vyver`s biggest passion is in creating cinematic scenes that keeps the quality of aesthetic.

But why Everglade Pictures?  We do not only create videos, we deliver a message, a memory, a story and most of all, a purpose. As Everglade Pictures is based in Austria in Europe, we work internationally connecting all cultures and stories of our beautiful world.

​​The Philosophy of "Filming People and Things with Energy" derives from the years of experience when filming with people in terms of fashion, movie, acting. When talking about "Things" are all relative to the objects of our world in terms of Cars, Yachts, etc. Combining them into a single video yet giving that motion a strong energy that speaks in a language of all the emotions in every level of energy.


Fashion is an art of luxury and class. We focus on capturing both inner and outer beauty in a way that authentically and effortlessly reflects the designers vision. Working with many talented models and designers, we prioritize teamwork and client satisfaction.


Filming yachts is one of our greatest passions. Showcasing both the interior and exterior of luxurious boats all in 4k. The cherry on top for yacht presentations is always a great action sequence to show off the power of the watercraft. Operating the Drone in the middle of the ocean requires a lot of skill but yields beautifully cinematic results.


A Videos purpose is to not only showcase the looks of the subject, but to tell a story. We do both visual story telling as well as documentary or explanation type videos with voiceovers. From shooting the video, to matching the perfect voice actor for your brand and writing the script, we are your experienced partner every step of the way


Everglade pictures is always ready to turn the streets into a movie set - starring whatever beautiful vehicle you have in mind. Intensive experience with filming cars safely and efficiently ensures the best quality results.



A certified Davinci Resolve editor


Years of script writing and filming has always been my greatest passion, but as I pay attention to the details of the outcome of such projects, that each of my skills brings forth the quality and standard of Filming Contents.



It is not always about the set up, it is about how I film, how I lay down the story, my creative touch, 

keeping the content to its originality.

I direct, film, edit, and will produce a breath taking project to memorize a life-time.

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