My name is Jean-Pierre van der Vyver. Not a man of many words, but with an eye for the remarkable. Born in South Africa, yet uprooted, my entire youth was spent in different parts of the World. Before even reaching adulthood I had already lived in over 20 different countries around the world.  I finally found the closest thing to what I think „home“ might feel like - in Europe.

At 17, my creativity awakened and I began processing all my visual and emotional experiences in the form of poems and graphics. When in 2009 my brother gave me my first camera as a gift, a simple canon cybershot, not really a professional camera but it ignited all my passion for capturing great moments in pictures and videos. 2017 I started studying Photography at the Lik Akademy in Graz, the topics were Photography and Photoshop, having completed my first semester I started gaining experience with filming in my free time. I invested all my energy into filming to create something greater, using my skills, and ability to create perfection by editing and cutting.

Soon I realized, that there is a lot more potential in filming, rather than taking photos. In turn, my interest in photography turned into a flaming passion for film making and video shooting. After improving my abilities in this field, my skills finally reached a level that I deemed worthy of becoming the foundation for my Professionalism „ Everglade Pictures “. That's when my biggest ambition became a reality and I started on my direction as a professional Film Producer. I film on land, from the sky, and underwater. I film anywhere and anything. Because, if you look closely enough, you can capture that special moment. My job is to find the unique essence and appeal of each subject, magnify it, and present it in a way that makes it unforgettable.


Everglade Pictures is a Film Production Company by Jean-Pierre Van der Vyver. Our aim is to create powerful content for both Business and Artistic Endeavors.

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